an amazing family photo.

Monday, May 9, 2011

anniversary, birthday, mothers day=BEACH!

april and may are pretty busy months for us...i dont know why this is, it just seems like there are a lot of things that go on....jared and i celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary (it feels like 100, but whatever) birthday and mothers day were all clumped what better way to spend it than at the BEACH! my favorite! jared has this idea every time we go to the beach that we need to leave at the buttcrack of dawn (like 4:30AM)...i am not ok with this. it always ends up being more like 6:30 which i agree to because its the beach! we go there about 8:30 to this:

AMAZING! the weather was perfect! no jellyfish...which is always a plus...since it was my birthday we decided to grill hamburgers and hot dogs...and i told you my mother in law goes all out...something i call mobley style...chips, dip, watermelon, strawberries and pound cake and whipped is a picture of the spread...

it was a really great day and an amazing way to spend my birthday...i will leave you with some other pictures....

gavin and jack

peyton and ky

henry (he loves his auntie nicole)


jared and peyton (i love this picture)

little miss peyton



 peyton and jack ~ he looks thrilled to take a picture with her!

gavin skim boarding

kylee ~ this picture cracks me up...that has got to be the tiniest tube...



the group...minus jack and henry...and gavins face.

thats trouble.

Monday, May 2, 2011

kids can be so mean...

i will start by saying is no easy task to raise children...for me it seems even harder to raise twins...the guilt and pressure i feel sometimes to make sure that everything is the same for them and at the same time let them know they are different people and it is ok if they like different things is overwhelming...they are two completely different little is louder(i wont say which one), one is more sensitive, one is clumsier, one holds grudges longer...haha...i do my very best to try and keep things equal...i have struggled with the decision to put them in separate classes, and i know it is for the best, but it is kindergarten elly would always get one number higher on their fluency test...she was #1 ar whatever in her class...and ky was #2...dont get me wrong, i am not a bragger...i have never thought my kids were better than any other children, and i dont think one is better than the other...i am simply saying it has been hard for me to figure out what is i split them up this year, and they are doing amazing without competing with one another...they get almost the exact same scores on their tests, and they each are excellent readers, and good at school in general...but last friday elly was not feeling well so i sent ky to school...i even packed her lunch so that she would be happy! everything was fine all day, and then she came home...she said to me (with tears in her eyes) that none of the other kids would play with her at PE because elly wasnt there....this broke my heart. i absolutely hate it that children at school, or even here for that matter will pick one to be nice to and leave the other out...or leave one out because the other one is has become a rule that if someone isnt nice to one of them then they cant play with that person for a while...this is my rule. i cant stand to see one of them so sad to be left i know there is nothing i can do to make the kids at school treat them exactly the i will just be here for them to cry to or complain to...maybe with enough love at home, it wont matter so much when a bratty little kid says i like you but not your least they have each other...

like i have said i like are some pictures of the girls...another struggle...i always have to take 3 similar of each of them and then one together...haha..



some of the two of them.
i dont know why i cant get that to flip.