an amazing family photo.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding belles...

i have some super cute pictures from emily and wills wedding at landmark park that monique took...most of them are of my kids because 1. i like my kids and 2. it wasnt my wedding and not my place to share their pictures...not that emily would care....i just didnt save most of hers...anyway it was extremely exciting for my kids....kylee and elly got to be flower girls, jack got to pass out fans, and peyton got to wear a princess dress (which had to be made into a toga 1 hour in)...but they had seen the planning for weeks and all the stuff that lori was collecting for it...and im pretty sure this was the first wedding they have ever been was had by all...peyton ripped her dress, kylee nearly broke her foot and it was pretty stinkin hot outside during the ceremony...but other than that it was a success here are some pictures...



riding in on the horse and carriage

starting to walk

i love how old timey this looks


holly and wesley


my kids obsessed with the horse...
 the mobley group

peyton pitchin a fit about something...and the stupid pink bucket...and me being as big as possible...haha

amanda and nicole....bffffs

another cute one of henry

nicole and again being as big as possible...

ky after she almost broke her foot...doesnt she look pitiful?!

i havent taken too many pictures this summer so far, i guess i will get on that...right now i am doing a complete over haul of the girls would make sense to put the new baby in there since it is all new and clean, but i guess i will just have to do jacks room next...i will most definitely not be posting before pics because it is too shameful, but i will post pics of the finished project...haha

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And the winner is.....

in our family, for the past couple months since we found out there was another little human on its way to our family...everyone has been positive it would be a little boy...our family would be complete...jared always said he wanted another boy and jack even had him today when we went for the ultrasound and it was a little girl...chaos erupted in the mobley household...jack was crying his little eyes out....jared was mad the he couldnt produce another boy....kylee and elly were upset and said that one peyton was enough...peyton was the only one who was ok with this (mostly because she loves pink)...needless to say after the tempers cooled (i say this, but jack was the only one that was really upset...the rest of us were just in shock) anyway, after bringing some super cute pink clothing home and bottles and other such things everyone is happy now...jack has even offered to share his room with in a couple months time Sophia Grace Mobley will join our little family and we will all welcome her with open pictures this time, because frankly ultrasound photos creep me out...haha