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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

things that are impossible...for me...

i am certain there are women out there that could do all the things that my brain believes i can do in the amount of time there is in a day....i am not one of those women...the other day i was is impossible for me to sew a blanket and keep a house clean (no joke~it will never happen)...we have recently cleaned out kids closets and put shelves in them for all their clothes...which is a major inprovement because jacks closet literally was packed above my head with things like clothes i am saving for little people or all of my once cleaned out i descovered i have a ton of girly fabric to make baby sophie bankets and spit up cloths and is where the impossible comes in...not only is it impossible for me to make said things and keep a clean house with sheets on beds and clean underwear, but it apparently is also impossible for me to keep big secrets like...i dont know...SANTA for instance....2 years ago kylee, elly and abby got strollers with babies....and diaper bags and all that matched (and monogrammed in true southern fashion...because even santa knows that in the south we want everything we own to be branded such)...needless to say they each got super cute things made from super cute fabric:

well we had a lot left over and it was in my fabric bin...i pulled it out and decided there was plenty to make a blanket and several spit up cloths...just as i was admiring how cute it was....kylee and elly informed me, and i quote, "hey thats the same fabric santa used to make our stuff"...yikes....all i could say was what?! what are you talking about?!?! i got this from the fabric store! they then asked me if i made the bags and stroller which i responded quickly "no i definitely didnt make your bags" which is true by the anyway...they still sort of believe in santa...this is probably the last year for im just going to go with it for now...that made it apparent that one of the things that is impossible for me to do is to keep secrets...there are many other things...
1. to stick to a menu when jared is out of town
2. to go shopping with any children other than peyton (and only her because people dont want to watch her)
3. to do all the crafts that are in my head in the free time that i have....bahaha free time?!
4. to fold more than 1 load of laundry per day...just forget it...
5. to stick to a list at the store
6.  to bathe little people more than twice a week ( dont judge me...its summer and they go swimming everyday...)
7.  i could literally go on and on but right now jared is out of town for 2 i have no immediate deadline to have a clean house or serve a meal, and i have a bin full of fabric that is calling my name......


  1. every time i read your posts, it makes me like u more... not that i didn't like u before, because i did... but i love reading how u think!

  2. haha glad it amuses someone...haha...