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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

back to school blues...

i will begin by saying that i have mixed emotions about back to school...i love this time of year..i love school supplies, and i know that fall is waiting patiently around the corner which is fantastic because fall is my FAVORITE!!! with that said...i know my kids need to go to school, but i really dont want them is much harder to have all 4 of them home...but kylee and elly really do help me a lot, and they keep the other kids going back to school means having to deal with other kids sometimes making mine sad...and worrying if my kids are going to be mean to another child (apparently theses are my fears)...and then there are the new teachers...getting used to the way they do things...for the past 2 years kylee and elly have had great teachers, and they loved them...there was fear over the summer (i am positive that every child entering 2nd grade at long elementary school had the same fear)...fear over getting a certain our home we had many discussions that if one got this certain teacher that it would be fine...she wasnt as bad as the stories said she was (though i was reminded by the girls every time that she actually made kindergarten kids cry mom)...haha....well one did get this teacher, and when i came home and told her all she said was (and i quote)..."when you are at the top...the only place to go is down" bahahaha...(julie if you are reading this, you should feel proud!)....but i will say that after the first day of school, ky came home and said we were wrong mom...she is only mean to kids who are bad! haha...she likes her, and thats all i could want...the teacher has frustrated me a couple times, but i am sure that i do the same to many long as my kids are happy in their classes i will be happy with it...i will let it slide when the teacher tells ky that i didnt fill out the papers and bring back the folder i was supposed to...even though i did it immediately when i got home (and put a note in it NOT to paddle my child...i wont get into that right now) and she just misplaced it on her desk...or when i sent in 3 (when we only needed to send 1) of the folders that were the specific name and with the pocket for their agendas, and my child brought home a completely different folder that didnt have a pocket (there was actually a sticker on it with her name on it) i went to walmart and bought a 4th folder and wrote her name and all on it and sent it back in...sorry for the rambling, those things are just frustrating to me...anyway i will quit complaining and get over it and it will be a good are some second day of school pictures!

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