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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my life could be a movie...or at least a sitcom...

my last name is mobley...with that comes a wide variety of chaos...i have come to expect it....when things are simple for other people, they seem to somehow become chaotic for pretty sure it is the amount of people and extra large personalities that we have...the birth of baby sophia is the perfect example of this....i am going to tell all about it now, so this is your only warning...if you know me you know i wont share anything gross or too personal, but if you dont like reading about child birth and all that stop now...i can write about it now, because it is hilarious the moment, not so was one of the few times i have seen my husband close to panicking, and i myself being completely out of control (which i dont do so well...part of the whole i have to be in control of everything at all times)...this could take a while...but if you need a laugh, or even a 'wow are these people for real' might enjoy it...i will start by saying that all of my other children had been born before 38 weeks, peyton was born at 37 weeks, so i was under the impression that i would go a little early...two weekends before i had sophia i was having horrible contractions all night, but doctors are annoying and say well dont come in until they are 5 minutes apart for more than an hour...let me be clear...that NEVER happened consistently...they were 2 minutes, then 5, then 3 then 4...and then those 2 times it happened, i figured either it would get better, or it would get worse...and it got better so i didnt worry about ir...and by the way after those weekends of pain...nothing changed i was still a i decided i couldnt trust my body the day she was born i went to the doctor that morning, and big surprise...i was still a 2....he said he would make me an appointment for the next week...and i told him i wasnt coming...he could forget that time i was almost 39 weeks, and i decided i had had i went home, and i was having contractions all day...not to where i couldnt function, and definitely not consistent, but i had them all day...finally at 7pm i called the doctor and when she called back she said well sometimes when we check your cervix it irritates it and you can have contractions after that (i know this...i have done this before...just sayin)...anyway her advice was (because like i said my contractions were never consistent) to take some tylenol or tylenol pm if i had it and maybe take a hot bath...hahaha...i did what i was told, took a hot bath, some tylenol (really super glad i didnt have the pm kind)...and i laid down for a little bit...i was still hurting, so i decided to say a little prayer, in my prayer i said if this is for real just let my water break, because at this point i cant tell...and i am not even joking before i opened my eyes i felt a pop...and my water that was then it was around jared got everything to the car, i touched up my makeup and hair...hahhaha...little did i know how much time i didnt have...after my water broke, we were in a completely different level of pain...i was dying...i was we get in the car (which was quite difficult-now i realize that thats probably because i was on a 9...haha) was a pretty rough ride...some of the contractions were a minute apart, but i could breathe through them...we got to the er and jared got a wheel chair and pushed me to the desk and went and parked the car...they asked me some questions i was able to answer and then pushed me back in the er where this poor young kid sat down at the desk and proceeded to ask me dumb questions like 'whats your birthday' 'whats your social security number'...that didnt last that point sitting in that wheel chair i couldnt breathe through the contractions anymore...something was different...bless that little guys heart, he got yelled at, and after i yelled at him i stopped talking all together...i wasnt physically him and a nurse wheeled me up to labor and delivery...the nurse tried to talk to me and ask me questions, but i said nothing...we got to the labor and delivery desk at 1038pm...the nurse up there was very nice, and i made sure to tell the doctor that the tylenol didnt work...bahahaha...i got the gown on and she was like ummm i think we need to get you to the i got to the bed and she checked me and said ok are you ready to push...the doctor ran in and it was time...honestly the hardest thing i have ever had to do...i didnt think i was going to be able to do it...and then her shoulders got stuck, and the cord was wrapped around her neck...and things suddenly got serious...the doctor stayed calm, but i could tell the nurses and jared were concerned...finally with the help of 4 nurses and the doctor she was out...she was laying on the table and she was blue and they were giving her oxygen and it was a little sure it was worse for jared because i was only vaguely aware of what was going on...she was ok after they worked on her, but they took her to the nursery right away because she was making funny noises, and she had a rough sadly i have no pictures of her when she was first born, or of her first bath, everything just happened so fast...the rest of my stay in the hospital i was the girl who had her baby in 5 minutes to the nurses...they couldnt stop talking about it to me...haha...anyway we are both doing well...she is doing good, eating well, back to her birth weight, and i am doing good too...still in pain, but thats why they send you home with are going to need it...i will post more pictures of her later...but here is one...oh yeah and i have decided something since going through this process...if you have the option and chose not to have medicine, you are an offense to anyone out there, but i just dont see the reasoning behind it if you have a choice...haha

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