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Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday the 13th...

it is not friday the was last week, and with a new baby that doesnt let me put her down we are lucky i am writing about this at last post was in november...i only took 1 picture Christmas morning (and that was with my phone)...the presents got wrapped Christmas eve eve...we get our laundry from a pile (clean is clean at this point)...i dont think i have cleaned my bathroom since sophie was born (dont judge me) is safe to say that we are surviving at this is going by so fast, i just wanted to write this about our friday the 13th so i dont forget how hilarious it was at the time...and by hilarious i mean traumatic...haha...i will start with a few days before...i broke my toe on jareds bike...sounds funny when you dont know that jareds bike (his most prized earthly possession) is in our room...yes we love it that much that it has a special place in our room...even the dogs dont have that privileged...anyway before you start thinking that i was riding around trying my hand at bmx tricks i will tell you that it is upside down in our room...i didnt see it and somehow kicked it with enough force to break my second littlest toe...i have never broken anything before, and im not gonna lie i was in tears at one point...and forget mother in law had to feed us dinner for 2 nights...oh yeah and did i mention that my husband was out of town?!?!...good week...anyway friday i had to go to church to set up for a breakfast we were having the next morning...i had to take 48 cans of tomatoes to the church that lori was donating...the last box of tomatoes that i picked up completely dumped just missed my toe and rolled down the parking lot dumped out...amazing right?...luckily all the cans missed my on the way home i called lori because she had kylee and elly babysitting micahs kids with her...she told me that esther threw up on is just like my brother...weak stomach...heaves at a lot of when she got home she was hanging over the toilet just a heaving...she insisted she was sick now...while that was going on jared put peyton in our shower and was trying to help ky (bless his heart he was all by himself)...hahaha...anyway peyton decided to give it a go at shaving her legs...she didnt do too bad, only cut her thumb and finger (i guess i have a weak stomach too, because i just heaved a little typing that)...when jared went to get her out of the shower and realize what had happened she told him...and i quote "dad you should put that up where i cant reach it"...hmmm...the temptation was so great that the razor needs to be out of her reach for her not to give girl...hahaha if only that was thought of before the shower...anyway at the end of the day all the girls were eating some pineapple and jared said "be careful with that fork, we have had enough blood for one day"...if that sentence ends your day, it was rough....haha but we know i dont like posts without pictures, so i will give you two of the outtakes from kylee and ellys baptism pictures...they are hilarious...and i have decided it is next to impossible to get a decent picture of both of them....

not sure why ellys eyes were open that much...and i guess i was making ky super tired, because she couldnt stop yawning...haha

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